Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ready for Christmas

Lo and behold, I am not at all ready for Christmas. I have presents for the babies and for my mother. That leaves my own children as well as my sibling whose name I have drawn. Assorted others. I guess I will have to buckle down this coming week and get this show on the road. The good news is that I did manage to get the living room reasonably clean today. Hooray!


I quit working outside the home years ago in the quest to reduce the amount of stress that I dealt with on a day to day basis. Little did I know that as I cut our income and added children to our family that I was increasing stress in another way.
I often think it is funny that when women who are in the throes of career along with maintaining a marriage and raising a family are expected to happy peppy people all the time. We go to doctors and are often diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Surprise! Hey, in the last couple of months I have had days and days of heavy rainfall so that dogs and children are cooped up in the house, missing chickens (either chicken napped or they have been stalked by the local hawk), a leaky roof, water under the house, a flooded yard, mud approximately ankle deep that is constantly being tracked into the house, a broken washing machine that ruined my newly laid kitchen floor, a broken oven, a broken computer mouse, broken hot water heater, a reduction down to one vehicle for our family, moving the entire household around so that each child has their own room.......as well as the everyday stress and hustle and bustle of a busy family and a husband that works many hours in overtime. Of course I feel anxious and sometimes depressed! So while I certainly don't knock anybody for taking medication that they need I suggest that we all just give ourselves a break. There isn't a thing wrong with just closing your bedroom door from time to time and having a good cry. Not a thing wrong with taking several minutes to pray and ask for prayer and strength to make it through the day. We are all human and we all have problems. The point is that we deal with our problems and move on.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Arrival of Warlock

Now before you go assuming that Warlock is some sinister being you should know that he is, in fact, a very sweet 7 month old German Shepherd. He came from the "W" litter and thus received a name that began with that letter. So sweet Warlock was in need of a place to hang out with a family. We jumped at the chance and his breeder was kind enough to let us borrow him for awhile.
Warlock is busy adjusting to our household. With two other dogs and two young children I am sure he is not used to so much activity. We also have chickens and rabbits as well as two pet rats. Yes, indeedy, the Domestic Duchess has quite a menagerie that depend on her for their daily care.
Mr. Warlock has become my fella. He hangs pretty close. My girl, Riot, thinks he is pretty handsome and likes to play with him a lot. Stay tuned.

The Domestic Duchess

I could never call myself a Domestic Diva. No Diva here. As a matter of fact, I am one woman who could use a pedicure and manicure on a regular basis. Try to find the time and money for that when you are a stay at home mom who has other priorities in mind.
So what interests the Duchess, you ask? Well, I have a penchant for little girls who love to dress up and love to get dirty. I love German Shepherds and delight in training them. Getting my hands in the soil and growing things makes me smiling and content. Spending time in the kitchen cooking up something yummy just makes my day. That is the Domestic aspect.
The Duchess hates to clean up after the little girls. Is not crazy about all the mud that large dogs can track in on the floor. Gets frustrated with all the weeds and bugs at times. Hates to wash dishes. Sometimes would prefer to order pizza rather than spend time cooking a meal! Ha! That's me. A collection of opposites.