Sunday, January 3, 2010

ASPCA Commercials

Maybe it's the time of year but there seems to be a lot of the commercials with the heart rending country song in the background and the sad, abused, and neglected animals on the television screen. It is often enough to make me want to wave a white flag and beg for mercy in what is no less than emotional blackmail. I'm human and I certainly feel for the animals shown in those commercials however I often doubt the organizations that use so much emotionalism to stimulate donations. Just a little bit of research will make it very clear that the money is not always all given to further the causes of homeless animals. Rather, one can expect to have their dollars and sense be used in things like legislation, lobbying, and breed discrimination. Not exactly what they are portraying in those commercials, is it?
Word to the wise. If you are donating to help homeless animals then stick to local breed rescues or shelters where you can meet those involved in the work as well as volunteer to lend your own hand for a first hand look at how the money is spent. National organizations have a tendency to not allow the funds to trickle down to where they are most needed.

Favorites from 2009

This morning I am sitting at my computer listening to Susan Boyle sing from her newly released CD. She has brought Les Miserables "I Dreamed A Dream" into the consciousness of a whole group of people who would have perhaps not have heard the music or enjoyed it in quite the way we have enjoyed it with Miss Boyle singing it.
Most important is that I consider Susan Boyle to be one of my favored people for 2009. She marched out on a stage as a 40 something woman with frizzy hair and in regular clothing for a performance in front of thousands. She blew them away. Within hours the image of her singing was hitting the internet and found it's way into my email inbox. I am inspired and continue to be each time I hear her sing.
It was a wonderful moment to see the smirking faces of the non-believers change to utter disbelief and pleasure as she began to sing. So hooray to Miss Boyle! Thanks very much from another 40 something woman who doesn't look like a supermodel either but has dreams all the same. You go girl!!