Friday, November 30, 2012

My Progress in Photography

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Big Daddy.....The Academic

Like my grandfather before me, my education has continued throughout my lifetime. Not by entering the hallowed halls of the institutions of higher learning, but by entering the massive shelves of books offered by the public library.

I called him Big Daddy and he was my grandfather. He grew up a farmer and had only an eighth grade education according to his academic records. When speaking with him a person could determine that he had carried himself far past that recorded level of education. He knew what was important about true learning. He knew that the person who hungers for learning finds the answers for himself.

He loved to read books. Zane Grey westerns were a favorite. He devoured issues of Readers Digest often delighting in quizzing me on the meaning of words. He showed his pleasure when I knew the definitions of words he had only recently learned himself. It meant I was getting an education. He wanted an excellent education for his children and grandchildren. He asked questions. He had a critical mind. He was not arrogant about knowledge that he gained. He just continued to seek to learn more.

My wall is painfully short on the diploma's that I set out to obtain. I earned a high school diploma. I finished a paralegal course. I attended college. I completed a variety of programs during my employment in corporate America.

What has served me best were the lessons I learned about learning. Whether it was learning the principles being discussed in the meetings I attended or how to bake artisan bread or milk a goat, I would find a book. I have so often heard, "You can't learn that from a book.", only to smile and know that I can learn a whole lot from a book.

I want a good college education for my children but more than anything I hope that I can instill in them the lifelong love of learning and how to teach themselves the things they need to learn.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This is one of our hutches that houses our bunnies. The bunnies provide the droppings that help fertilize our garden. They are also pets of my children. Right now we have only three. One Californian, one mixed breed, and one Mini Rex. They are all tame and handled.

We feed fresh hay, pellets, and they get fresh food daily. In the winter extra hay is provided for nesting and to keep warm. In the summer, we keep the cages shaded but as open as possible to give a cool breeze. We also provide any additional heat or cooling that is needed in extreme conditions.

In the past we have bred and raised rabbits. At one time we had as many as thirty rabbits at one time. All were healthy and fit. We have found that it is important to provide good food and and good ventilation for them as well as lots of clean water. The girls love caring for them and they are a good project for children with adult supervision.

Preparing the Garden...yes now.

Since the end of the summer I have been working on a new plan for the garden for next year. We began with the defunct cover for the trampoline. The frame of the trampoline was recycled. The cover was used to make the base of our new bed for the garden bed. It has grown considerably deeper now with the additions from our bunnies. My husband has been adding grass clippings as well as the spoiled hay from the bunny cages. All of this will be composed by spring and make a lovely planting bed.

The Value of Coconut Oils for dogs and you!

One of my dogs has had skin problems for quite some time. I have taken her to the vet and done rounds of antibiotics and other remedies to no avail. The tentative diagnosis was allergies. I was disappointed. That just couldn't be the case. The other dogs in the household were picking up a scaly, itchy, scabby looking skin junk that appeared just above their tails first. That was not allergies.

Long story short I ended up being told about using Organic Coconut Oil in the food of my dogs. I already gave them fish oil as food does not contain enough of the vitamins and oil that they need. I wormed them. I stopped all baths unless absolutely necessary and then used only high quality shampoo with all natural ingredients. One brand in particular. I gave them the coconut oil. Lo and behold, I have dogs with clear skin!

A little more research and I found that it is wonderful for human skin as well and can be used in cooking and baking. It is touted as a super food, of sorts. Thought you might like to know.