Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Embracing my inner Scarlett O'Hara

Quite recently I have received confirmation that some of my quirkiness may be be in an underlying state elsewhere in my family. While I will protect the identity of those family members who have had (ahem) reason to visit down south, I can not be held responsible for those who figure out the identities of the primaries involved.

While discussing forays into the deep south I was reminded that someone, whom I will call D, seems to sink into a deeply southern accent. Keep in mind that we already live in the south so sinking into the accent means that she may really sound like she belongs as a member of the cast of Gone with the Wind. While we discussed all the great things about visiting the city of Charleston (oh, come on, like you didn't know who I was talking about) I got a little account of walking in the beautiful places, restaurants, and stores. We will definitely have to hear more about that.

Okay, for my own part I had to admit that each time I visit Appomattox Manor that I gradually turn  into Scarlett O'Hara. By the time I am ready to stand on the porch I am practically admonishing my children with a fiddle-de-de and a daintily waving my hanky in front of my face. I would so dearly love to approach in a carriage! 

So for my partners in hilarity I must say "We'll always have Tara."

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